Steak @ Custom House

Menu – Soups l Starters l Main Event l Cheese Selection l Desserts

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Soup of the Day  $10.00
The chef’s seasonal specialty.

French Onion Soup  $11.50
Traditional, served with melted cheese crouton.


Caesar Salad  $13.00
Cos lettuce, crispy bacon, garlic croutons & creamy Caesar dressing topped with shaved parmesan cheese and anchovies.

Prawn Cocktail  $16.00
Australian prawns served with crisp greens, avocado and finished with a classic cocktail dressing.

Chicken Liver Parfait  $14.00
Creamy chicken parfait with melba toast, pear & date chutney.

Fig and Beetroot Tart  $14.00
Spicy fig and beetroot on caramelised shallot, flakey pastry topped with goat’s cheese and finished with a red wine jus.

Green-Lipped Mussels  $16.00
Steamed green-lipped mussels served in a chili jam and coconut cream broth.

Beef Carpaccio  $15.00
Finely sliced rare beef fillet with rosemary, honey and truffle oil vinaigrette served with courgette salad, topped with shaved parmesan and garlic slivers.

Trio of Salmon  $16.00
Smoked salmon and crab roulade topped with wasabi caviar, vodka cured salmon Gravlax and salmon Rillettes served with toasted sourdough.

Sorbet  $3.00
Lemon and lime, refreshingly citrus palate cleansing.

Main Event

Prime Rib 300g 400g   $28.00 $30.00
New York Strip   300g     $27.00
Ribeye 300g 400g   $28.00 $30.00
T-Bone   500g     $31.00
Beef Fillet 200g 300g   $30.00 $32.00
Shoestring fries or steak fries
Truffle mashed potato
Creamy mashed potato
Potato gratin
Herb croquettes
Cajun roasted potato
Garlic butter
Brandy & peppercorn cream
Wild mushroom
Red wine jus
Blue cheese

Beer battered onion rings $2.50
Creamed spinach $2.00
Pan fried mushrooms $2.50
Onion jam $2.00
2 fried eggs $2.00


Lamb Rack  $32.00
Herb crusted, roasted medium rare served on a truffle oil crispy potato cake with roasted garlic cream jus.

Pork Fillet  $27.00
Oven roasted pork fillet stuffed with mushroom duxelles served on wholegrain mustard Spaetzle finished with a calvados sauce.

Venison Fillet  $29.50
Cooked medium rare served with a sweetbread cannelloni, kumara and pumpkin mash finished with cassis jus.

Confit of Duck  $25.50
Confit of duck leg on a pastry tart filled with shredded duck, pine nuts, mango salsa, finished with honey ice wine sauce.

Fresh Fish  $27.00
Accompanied by sauces and garnishes to complement the catch.

Roast Vegetable Strudel  $25.00
Roast medley of vegetables and feta cheese encased in a strudel dough, topped with basil pesto and served with a chargrilled red pepper coulis.

All mains are served with a medley of vegetables.

Cheese Selection

Served with bread, crackers, quince jam, poached figs and dried apricots.

Your choice of any 3 $17.50
Extra cheese (each) $5.00

Soft White Cheese

Kapiti Mount Hector. When young the body is soft and chalky, the flavour is aromatic with a hint of mushroom. With age it becomes caramel coloured and the flavour intensifies to become earthy, pungent and nutty.

Whitestone Mt Domet Double Cream. Plump soft texture, the full cream flavour profile strengthens with a mushroom finish.

Kapiti Mount Herbert. A goat’s cheese; flavour is mildly acidic with a clean taste of aromatic goat’s milk.

Whitestone Farmhouse. Has a lemongrass aroma and springy elasticity. When young it has sea breeze freshness with a nutty edge that develops more character with age.

Pressed Cheese

Kapiti Riverdale Cheddar. Sharp, tangy aged cheddar with a zesty bite, crumbly consistency with some lactate crystallization.

Whitestone Airedale. Harder pressed, producing a cheese with a pale golden centre. The semi-soft texture produces a full rich flavour with a strong to sharp edge that intensifies with ageing.

Whitestone Livingstone Gold. This sheep’s milk cheese is pressed and has a subtle nutty flavour that becomes stronger and more complex as it ages.

Gibbston Valley Mount Scott. This cow’s milk cheese is hard pressed, made in a Derbyshire style and aged for 4 months. It has a smooth buttery flavour.

Whitestone Totara Tasty Vintage Cheddar. Aged for 18-24 months, a strong flavoured vintage cheddar with a crunchy texture and sharp finish.

Blue Cheese

Kapiti Kikorangi. A stunning blue cheese with a rich golden curd and creamy spoonable texture marbled with dense blue veining. Mildly pungent, its flavour develops as it ages to create a smoother, more delectable taste.

Whitestone Moeraki Bay Blue. A premium style with a subtle blue finish that does not overpower; full-bodied creamy flavour and soft texture.

Whitestone Windsor Blue. This high cream blue has a fantastic rich and full bodied flavour.

Kapiti Tamarki Blue. This is a blue cheese for those of us who find traditional blue too strong, an aromatic tang and hints of savory fresh herbs.

Washed Cheese

Kapiti Port Nicholson. A washed orange rind cheese with a smooth texture and mild distinctive flavour, “Trappist” style cheese.

Kapiti Brick. Strong earthy aroma, a pungent sweet flavour with mature yeasty tones.


Sticky Toffee Pudding  $10.50
Served hot with toffee sauce, cream and vanilla bean ice cream.

Trio of Ice Cream  $9.50
Served in tuille rings with a fresh fruit salsa.

After-Dinner Mint Cheesecake  $10.50
Covered with chocolate sauce and Anglaise.

Time for Chocolate  $11.50
Chocolate mousse layered between chocolate cookies, white chocolate crème brûlée finished with double chocolate ice cream.

Tempt your Taste Buds  $10.50
With the chef’s creation.